Drones give North Dakota farmers a new tool to grow crops

Drone technology is helping some farmers in North Dakota keep tabs on their livelihood like never before by giving them an aerial perspective on field conditions and crops.

Jeremy Wilson has been planting corn, soybeans and wheat in the Fargo area for nearly two decades and has seen his share of advancements in technology.

"Neat seeing things that work and how it works. And some things that don't work that well but was a valiant effort," said Wilson. The drones have provided a new vantage point for farmers, saving them time and money.

"Pretty cheap, simple and fast," Wilson told WDAY-TV .

Agricultural companies, including Peterson Farms Seed, are also exploring the ways drones can be used in crop development.

Rather than walking into a field or taking a look from a pickup truck, drones provide a whole new perspective on field conditions, said Peterson spokesman Nolan Berg.

"(They're) really opening some farmers' eyes to things they normally couldn't see,' Berg said. "You can see stand issues, whether there are wet spots in your field or fertility issues."

Berg said it's another tool for farmers in their collection of agricultural resources.

"It's not an end-all situation. But it does help us get better at what we're already doing within the field," said Berg.


Information from: WDAY-TV, http://wday.com