Drivers complain charges on Albania's 1st toll road too high

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Testing of Albania's first ever toll road has sparked complaints and anger from drivers and from neighboring Kosovo.

Kosovo Transport Minister Pal Lekaj on Monday said the cost of using the 110-kilometer (70-mile) highway linking Milot, near the Adriatic coast, to the Morine border crossing is too high. Hundreds of thousands of Kosovars travel to Albania to enjoy the seaside that they lack at home.

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A day earlier drivers started the test, stopping near the Kalimash tunnel to pay from 2.5 euros ($3.08) for a motorbike, or 5 euros ($6.17) for a car up to 22.5 euros ($27.79) for a truck.

An international consortium will complete a segment link, maintain the road and collect the tolls over a 30-year concession.

No date has been set for toll system to start officially.