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Dow, S&P Poised to Hit Record Highs

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So, the Dow finally crossed 14000.  Reason enough to celebrate, although the real achievement will be hitting the all-time high of 14198, set way back in 2007.

But for now, we’ll devote today’s talk to a closer look at the major indices and see if they have room to run.

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First up is the Dow, of course, and while I always worry about parabolic runs, you can’t be a bear on future prospects.

The S&P 500 is also strong, and I like this one a bit better, if only because the 2013 move up hasn’t been quite so rapid.

Finally, the Nasdaq is similar to the S&P, and here I also see legs.

So, what’s the bottom line?  I think we could see all-time highs on all indices save the Nasdaq. For now, Nasdaq 5132 is still a long way away.