Don't Panic! How to Protect Your 401(k) from the Markets


Hold onto your hats! Wall Street is on a wild ride, with the Dow dipping more than 200 points into the red today. As rumors regarding an interest rate hike swirl, and the oil outlook darkens due to a global supply surplus that will last longer than expected, it's no surprise investors are getting jittery. So what should you do now to protect your money and retirement savings? caught up with some of the smartest investors and asked them that very question, here’s what they had to say.

Watch Your Assets!

“Understand your portfolio, and dial back on volatile assets prior to retirement. Don’t always assume stocks or equities are the most volatile. It really comes down to knowing what you own and how changes in the market will affect your investments.” - Craig Brimhall, Vice President of Wealth Strategies for Ameriprise Financial.

It's a Balancing Act ...

"Know your balance! Unfortunately  retirees are moving into equities due to low bond yields. With greater equity exposure comes greater risk and volatility. We recommend investors move back to a more traditional balance between bonds, stocks and cash…. We suggest retirees have a large cash reserve.  Remember cash is an asset." - Chad Morganlander, Portfolio Manager, Washington Crossing Advisors

Expand Your Horizons

"One place investors may want to look during potential US stock volatility is the emerging market sector. As the USD potentially rises, foreign currencies become cheaper which could incentivize and invite more foreign (US specifically) into their country's companies." - Jason Rotman- Lido Isle Advisors Managing Partner

Don't Go Trendy

"Don't worry about inflation and rates skyrocketing. Worry about yield reaching products with credit risk and alternative investments and spending too much time in cash. Avoid trendy ways to minimize risk like low volatility ETFs." - Jonas Ferris, Founder and Editor