Dogfish Head brewery founder Sam Calagione appoints Nick Benz to CEO role

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Editor’s note: The story below published by the Associated Press on October 9 incorrectly stated Dogfish Head Craft Brewery president and chairman Sam Calagione is stepping down from his role. The company noted in a statement Monday it has never had a chief executive officer position, and Calagione’s duties will remain the same as they have since the brewery’s founding. Nick Benz will be appointed to a newly-created CEO role and will manage day-to-day operations and finances, while Calagione will continue to develop new products, long-term strategy, and events for the brewery.

“I have never been more engaged or put in more hours at Dogfish Head than I am today, and I have never been happier,” Calagione said in a statement. “I have never had the title of CEO – no one at Dogfish Head ever as. Nick is expanding his role into CEO and he deserves it.”

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Sam Calagione appointed his longtime chief operating officer to a newly created CEO role at Dogfish Head brewery.

The News Journal ( ) reports Nick Benz has been promoted to CEO after spending 11 years at the Milton-based brewery. Calagione will remain president, founder and chairman of the board.

The company says Benz will expand the breadth and depth of Dogfish Head operations, while Calagione will focus on strategy, new products and collaborations.

Benz is a graduate of the University of Pennsylvania and Carnegie Mellon's Tepper School of Business. He lives in Lewes.


Information from: The News Journal of Wilmington, Del.,