Dick Van Dyke tells seniors 'Keep Moving' in upcoming book to coincide with his 90th birthday

Associated Press

Dick Van Dyke plans to put his upbeat approach to old age between covers in a new inspirational book.

Weinstein Books announced Thursday that the veteran star of screen, stage and TV is calling his guide "Keep Moving, and Other Tips and Truths About Old Age." Publication is planned for the fall of 2015, just in time for his 90th birthday next December.

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Van Dyke promises he won't sugarcoat anything. He acknowledges that growing older typically means aches, ailments and the loss of loved ones.

Nonetheless, he promises readers there's "a beautiful life waiting for you."

His secret: "Just keeping moving."

Still active in show business, Van Dyke is appearing in "Night at the Museum: Secret of the Tomb," which opens this weekend.

He published a memoir in 2011.