Deutsche Bank CEO says changing rules force capital question

Deutsche Bank co-Chief Executive Anshu Jain said the question over whether Germany's lender needed a capital hike was driven by uncertainty over the likely burden of future bank regulation.

"We would be imprudent if we were to rule out any capital measure at a time when the ground rules are being changed," Jain said in response to a question about whether Deutsche would only raise capital to pay for an acquisition.

"We feel confident we have taken all the steps that we need to," Jain said, explaining that the lender did not currently see a need to raise capital to meet current bank rules.

Deutsche Bank further said the complexity of regulatory probes into alleged manipulation of inter-bank lending rates means it is unlikely the lender will resolve the matter this year.

Separately, Jain said the Liikanen proposals would be difficult to implement because of the problem of how to define proprietary trading.

"The U.S. has been debating for four years and has not come up with an answer," Jain said.

(Reporting By Edward Taylor, Arno Schuetze and Jonathan Gould)