Deutsche Bank CEO says bankers discussed global Libor settlement

Deutsche Bank co-Chief Executive Anshu Jain said bankers gathered at the World Economic Forum in Davos informally discussed whether to team up about settling a global probe in to alleged rigging of global inter-bank lending rates.

"This came up in Davos," Jain said. "I can confirm there were unofficial discussions," Jain said, adding that the talks were very informal level and not at very advanced stage.

Separately, board member Stephan Leithner, who is responsible for litigation, said transactions with Monte Paschi were professional.

"The 2008 transaction related to some interest hedging at the time. We went through our internal approval process," Leithner said, adding that the interactions with Paschi were professional, declining to comment further.

(Reporting By Edward Taylor, Arno Schuetze and Jonathan Gould)