Democratic Sen. Schumer Will Oppose the Iran Deal

Democratic Senator Chuck Schumer, one of the most influential Jewish voices in Congress, announced that he will oppose President Obama's Iran deal.

His opposition leads the way for other Democrats to join with Republicans in rejecting the deal, handing a blow to what could have been Obama's greatest foreign policy achievement.

In a post on the news website Medium, Schumer wrote that while he does give President Obama credit for crafting the deal, he will not support it. Schumer cited that the logic he used to analyze the Iran deal was whether or not America would be better with or without the deal.

The Democratic senior senator from New York considered the Iran deal in three parts: the first ten years of the agreement, the following ten years, and non-nuclear consequences of the deal. Sen. Schumer noted that there were 'serious weaknesses' in the first ten years of the agreement.

For the following ten years of the agreement, Schumer writes that if Iran has its sanctions lifted, the nation will be financially more stable and able to fund a nuclear weapons program.

And Sen. Schumer's final reason for opposing the deal is that Iran will continue to create trouble in the Middle East with the almost $50 billion that the country will receive from this deal.

In the immediate aftermath of Schumer's post, New York Representative Eliot Engel, the leading Democrat on the House Committee on Foreign Affairs, withdrew his support for the deal.

Read the full article from Senator Schumer here.