Defeating ISIS Easier Said Than Done

Terrorism is a global issue and how to deal with it is very complex. During an interview on the FOX Business Network’s Mornings with Maria, Paul Mitchell Co-Founder John Paul DeJoria and former German Federal Minister of Defense Karl-Theodor zu Guttenberg discussed how to make progress in the fight against ISIS.

“Why isn’t every single Islamic organization that are real true religious people, not killers, tell everyone in their congregation these guys are terrorists, they are nuts, they’re killers -- this is not Islam… these are radical Islamic murderers. Why don’t they do that?” said Paul Mitchell Co-Founder John Paul DeJoria.

Guttenberg and DeJoria discussed how get through to the younger generation being recruited and converted to radicals.

“We need to stop the nuance coming in, the newbies at the same time those are really hardcore killers, killing people for no reason whatsoever. They have got to be eliminated,” said DeJoria.  Guttenberg added: “What do we have to offer here? We have to ask ourselves are we still attractive enough with our side of values, with our definition of values, with all of those things. We have a lot to offer, but do we do it properly? Not at the moment.”

DeJoria questioned why the fight against ISIS is a “long-term war.”

“With all these powers and all the might we have -- we have Russia, The United States -- they could eliminate ISIS in a month,” he said.

Guttenberg explained why eradicating ISIS is difficult and could take more time.

“I would love to have that situation and it’s actually not the case any longer because we have ISIS, people sympathetic to ISIS or connected to the group already in Yemen, in Northern Africa, everywhere. If you see the belt where you find potential Islamism and radicalism we can go all the way to East Asia… do we have all in the belt right now?... no we don’t. Should we need others [to help], for instance China? China has an interest not to be infiltrated by radical Islamists,” he said.

DeJoria responded: “The Islamic State is what I’m talking about. Their presence in Syria, Iraq -- that’s what I’m talking about wiping out within 30 days. Yes, there are pockets but you’ve got to get the head of it first of all in the center of organization. Then you work on the pockets.”