Deborah Ziegler, mother of right-to-die advocate Brittany Maynard, writing memoir

The mother of Brittany Maynard, the brain cancer patient who became a leading advocate for the right to die, is working on a memoir.

The Simon & Schuster imprint Emily Bestler Books told The Associated Press on Tuesday that Deborah Ziegler's "Wild and Precious Life" was scheduled for late in 2016. Maynard, a California woman who moved to Oregon to legally end her life with the help of doctors, died last November at age 29. Her story drew widespread attention and heightened legislative efforts in California and elsewhere to make it legal for terminally ill patients to kill themselves with life-ending drugs.

According to the publisher, Ziegler will pay tribute to her daughter as an "intrepid human rights activist" who had an "inner-calling to make a difference."