Court: Nevada must report what's in sack lunches, 'chef's choice' dinners served to prisoners

Associated Press

An inmate's complaint about Nevada prison food has the state Supreme Court ordering officials to say what's in the sack lunches and "chef's choice" dinners given to nearly 12,800 inmates, and whether it's healthful.

A strongly worded ruling by a three-judge panel declares it's not enough for the state's top health officer, Dr. Tracey Green, to simply say inmates are not malnourished.

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The court says Green has failed to provide required documentation to the Board of Prison Commissioners.

Green issued a statement Thursday saying state prison inspections are up-to-date, and promising to better document her review process.

The justices sent Robert Leslie Stockmeier's case back to Carson City District Court with instructions that Green comply with state law and report twice-yearly on the nutritional adequacy of the prison diet.