CORRECTION: Himax Technologies Article 9/6/2018

The Motley Fool would like to acknowledge that an article, published on September 6, 2018, then later removed from on September 7, 2018, mischaracterized comments from Himax Technologies' (NASDAQ: HIMX) management team and did not adequately address the state of business within the 3D sensing space. Himax has released a statement about the article.

Here are comments from CEO Jordan Wu in the company's most recent conference call that reflect management's commitment to the 3D sensor market, and positioning within the industry:

The original article also suggested that the company may have lost a spot in an upcoming hardware release from a big-name partner. Because the hardware industry is characterized by non-disclosure agreements between manufacturers and suppliers, it is difficult to track individual device wins. In an email, the company told The Motley Fool:

Lastly, the original article indicated that the company had misallocated factory capacity with its commitment to the 3D sensing market. Here are comments from CEO Jordan Wu from the company's recent conference call that discuss the company's capacity for 3D sensing production and its plans for the future:

The original article on has been removed, but The Motley Fool wanted to issue this statement to clarify the misrepresentations and be sure that the investing community had the correct information.

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