Conservatives Have 7-point Edge In YouGov's Final U.K. Election Projection

The final YouGov projection before Thursday's U.K. snap election predicts the Conservatives will prevail and gain seats in Parliament, though far fewer than predicted six weeks ago. According to the YouGov model, Conservatives will end up with 42% of the votes to Labour's 35%, with Liberal Democrats getting 10% and UKIP 5%. The exact number of seats Tories will gain was unclear, YouGov said, but it is unlikely to be the landslide majority predicted in April. On who would make a better prime minister, YouGov reported 43% said Theresa May, while 32% said Jeremy Corbyn. Polls will close at 10 p.m. Thursday (5 p.m. Eastern time), which is when the first exit polls will be released, giving an indication of who may have won.

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