Concert billed as a 'healing event' short-circuited by power outage; show closed down early

Associated Press

A concert at a Maine farm that was the scene of a hayride fatality last fall was cut short by a power outage.

WCSH6 television reports ( ) that the event at Harvest Hill Farm in Mechanic Falls had been billed as a "healing event" from two tragedies.

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The featured band — Jack Russell's Great White — was onstage at a Rhode Island nightclub 12 years ago when a pyrotechnic display ignited a fire that killed 100 concert-goers.

Saturday's "Party in the Pasture" was being held at the same farm where 17-year-old Cassidy Charette was killed last fall when a vehicle-drawn hayride crashed into the woods.

A power outage at about 10 p.m. prevented the band from taking the stage. Event organizers say that a transformer near the site blew out and the power company said it would take about two hours to fix. Town ordinances required that the concert wrap up by 11 p.m.