Comey is a disgruntled former employee testifying against the boss who fired him: Andy Puzder

Stocks are on the rise despite political turmoil following the election in Britain and former FBI director James Comey’s testimony before Congress. Former CKE Restaurants CEO Andy Puzder says markets have brushed off the news because, “With respect to the American turmoil, I think businesses know...this is a disgruntled former employee, Comey is, testifying against the boss who fired him. So they’re not taking a lot of that seriously.”

Puzder said the economy is boosting markets as well, telling the FOX Business Network’s Stuart Varney, “If you look at the economic news, which nobody is, other than on your show, if you look at the economy, it’s spectacular.”

Asked if yesterday’s hearings had given Democrats room to stall and prevent the legislative growth agenda, Puzder said, “The only way they can stop it is if Republicans aren’t unified.”

Is the GOP united? “They better be, we’ve got an election in 18 months or it’s not going to matter whether they’re unified or not, you could lose the House," Puzder told Varney. "You’re not going to lose the Senate I don’t think, but you could lose the House; you lose the House the game’s over.”

When Varney suggested markets perceive it as a rallying cry for the GOP to get behind President Trump and his economic agenda, Puzder agreed. “I hope the market’s thinking that way and I hope the Republicans hear that message,” he said. “Why wouldn’t you?  You’ve finally got a president who’s going to do what you promised to do for the last seven or eight years, repeal ObamaCare, reform taxes, reduce regulation, build infrastructure, what are you waiting for?"