College campuses churning out talented workers: Oracle CEO

Oracle CEO: We are finding 'quality' talent on college campuses

Oracle CEO Mark Hurd on the state of the U.S. economy, the state of the job market and regulations.

Oracle CEO Mark Hurd told FOX Business on Monday, United States college campuses are producing "quality" sales people.

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“We find great kids on the college campus,” Hurd told Maria Bartiromo on “Mornings with Maria. “We train our own and we find fantastic talent."

However, immigration policy continues to take its toll on the engineering business, he said.

“Many people that study in U.S. engineering schools we’d like to keep in the country,” he said. “But because they come from outside the country sometimes they are not allowed to stay.”

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He added that about 85% of the young people in college who are offered a job accept it.

Hurd's comments contrast with those of Treasury Secretary Steven Mnuchin who told Bartiromo during the Milken Institute Global Conference in April that he’s not seeing a labor shortage in the U.S.

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