Claman on Call: Stocks See Record Closes


The S&P 500 and the Dow reached record levels on Wednesday. The climb to lifetime highs was led by United Health, GE, United Technology and IBM. The Dow ended the day just 88 points shy of 18,000.

Sony found a link to North Korea in a cyber security probe. The company also said it's still trying to get its computers back online after the crippling attack that leaked five previously unreleased movies and made its computers inoperable. Head to to see what Howard Schmidt, Ridge-Schmidt Cyber Partner and former cyber advisor to both President Obama and President Bush, had to say on what needs to be done by both businesses and global governments to crack down on international hackers.

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And afraid to ask for an honest opinion? Spirit Airlines certainly isn't. CEO Ben Baldanza joined FBN to discuss what travelers hated most about flying, but with the company's stock soaring more than 80% in the past year, Spirit is confident all the complaints won't stop its flight to success.

Breaking news late in the day: 17 states including Texas filed a lawsuit challenging the president on immigration, claiming the White House overstepped its authority on President Obama's executive action.

Here's what you need to watch tomorrow: Weekly jobless claims out at 8:30 a.m. ET, ahead of the closely-watched November jobs report out on Friday morning. We'll also get same-store sales for the month of November. How did retailers fair during one of the most important shopping months of the year? FBN will have the analysis for you.

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