Cavuto: Charlie and Maxine Won't Go


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They're like this summer's ticking time bomb.

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We just don't know when they'll explode.

Here's the deal:

Forget stocks and bonds.

Think Charlie and Maxine.

Democrats' coup-de-gras.

The embattled and alleged ethically challenged Democratic congressional stalwarts Charlie Rangel and Maxine Waters are not leaving.

Not now.

Not soon.

Maybe short of rejection at the ballot box ... Not ever.

Because try as the president might to nicely push Charlie out.

And as leading democrats are quietly urging Maxine out....

Those guys just hunkering down.

Why should you care?

Precisely because so many others when they list the problems facing the country do not.

At best, they say Charlie and Maxine are distractions.

But distractions are called that for a reason.

They distract folks from focusing exclusively on the matters Democratic leaders pound relentlessly. And prefer you focus on exclusively.

Like Tim Geithner, insisting the economy's coming back.

Or Nancy Pelosi, bragging about Democrats bringing jobs back.

Or the president himself, almost daily reminding folks business is back.

The problem with business, and jobs, and the economy itself, is that they're not back.

Or at least not back enough for voters not to still feel antsy and bosses not to still feel chintzy.

No one's opening up their wallets.

And there's old Charlie and Maxine insisting they ain't about to be closing up their offices.

Fairly or not, these two have become metaphors for a Washington that says one thing but does another.

Promises to clean up the joint, but doesn't.

That jobs will soar, but haven't.

And that all that stimulus will start bearing big fruit ... But hasn't.

No, Charlie and Maxine aren't the reason why voters are anxious about those running the show.

They're reminders it's a show.

And a pretty bad show, at that.

That will run all summer. And all fall.

You see, Charlie and Maxine aren't distractions.

They're like a bad B-movie that never ends.

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