Cavuto: A Handout Culture


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We've gone from save our jobs...

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To save our jobless benefits.


Here's the deal:

You smell smoke? Because don't look now, but I think Rome is burning.

Huge protest rally on Wall Street today.

The folks protesting?


Folks protesting the 99-week limit on unemployment benefits.

They say it should be raised because the economy's still down.

But just think about that for a second.

Rallying not for an employment check. But an "unemployment" check.

Not for a boost from a boss, but a benefit from the government.

I take nothing away from the hurt of folks out of work...

But marching for more government checks while they "are" out of work?

Something is very wrong with this country when folks feel they are perpetually entitled to be entitled, and always looking to be looked after.

Times are tough but endlessly extending jobless benefits ain't exactly tough medicine.

I'm telling you ... The world has gone mad, my friends.

A riot scene in Atlanta yesterday over government freebies.

People refusing to buy cars without a Cash for Clunkers program.

Or homes without a home credit check from Uncle Sam.

We live, eat and breathe that which Washington spoons.

Everyone's hand out.

And politicians just digging in.

I wonder if this was what Rome looked like in its final days.

Hard to tell ... Through all the smoke.

What do you think?

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