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Red Ink Week

Will the U.S. dollar continue to rise?

Schwab Chief Investment Strategist Liz Ann Sonders and Wells Fargo senior equity strategist Gina Martin Adams give their outlook for the U.S. dollar

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  1. A new type of caller ID

    TeleSign CEO Steve Jillings on using authentication to verify mobile users.

  2. The next move for the markets

    Hayman Capital Management founder Kyle Bass gives his outlook for the markets.

  3. How to play Scotland’s independence

    Janney chief investment strategist Mark Luschini and Federated Investors chief equity strategist Phil Orlando give tips for investing if Scotland votes ‘yes’ for independence.

  4. Will Scotland vote unlock Pandora’s box?

    John Browne of Euro Pacific Capital discusses Scotland’s vote for independence.

  5. U.S. CPI falls in August

    FBN’s Lori Rothman breaks down the August U.S. producer prices data.

  6. Should the government help manage your retirement?

    Townhall Senior Political Editor Guy Benson and Charles Griffin Intelligence Philip Segal on the government’s role in Americans’ retirement savings.

  7. Will the midterm elections have an impact on Wall Street?

    Former Reagan Budget Director David Stockman on the markets and midterm elections.

  8. ‘Food insecurity’ numbers in the U.S. distorted?

    Author James Bovard weighs in on ‘food insecurity’ numbers in the U.S.

  9. Dollar value increase dragging on commodities?

    Mark Yusko and Mike McGlone weigh in on currencies and commodities.

  10. Could President Obama learn from JFK on how to give a press conference?

    ‘End of Days’ author James Swanson compares how President Obama handles press conferences versus how President Kennedy handled them.

  11. Stocks to Watch: GM, MSFT

    BKD Wealth Advisors’ Jeff Layman, Wilsey Asset Management President Brent Wilsey and iiTRader Market Strategist Bill Baruch on the state of the markets.

  12. Is the U.S. economy growing enough?

    Chapwood Investments’ Ed Butowsky on the state of the U.S. economy.

  1. PayPal’s Thiel: We’re not in a tech bubble

    PayPal Co-founder Peter Thiel argues the bubble is in government and corporate bonds not technology.

  2. Regulations costing taxpayers and businesses big bucks?

    Judge Andrew Napolitano weighs in on wasteful spending and the ‘Obama Phone.’

  3. Rep. Ryan: We’re not ready for the number of boomers set to retire

    House Budget Committee chairman Rep. Paul Ryan explains why the U.S. isn’t ready to handle the number of baby boomers set to retire, and how it could lead to a debt crisis.

  4. Are we facing a diamond shortage?

    Signet CEO Mike Barnes discusses the diamond market.

  5. Time to buy or sell coal stocks?

    Kenai Capital Management’s Tres Knippa and Capital Wave Forecast’s Shah Gilani on commodities, defense and coal stocks, and Alibaba.

  6. S&P 500 ready for a 4Q surge?

    Blackstone Advisory Partners Vice Chairman Byron Wien on his top economic and market predictions.

  7. Wall Street regulator warns of Armageddon-type cyber attack on banks

    Former Gov. Frank Keating, (R-Okla.), on concerns of the impact of a potential major cyber attack on U.S. banks.

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