Caterpillar Inc.s Awful First-Quarter Results Explained in 5 Charts

Plunging oil prices have hit Caterpillar hard. Image source: Company Year in Review 2015 presentation

Caterpillar's first-quarter results were nothing short of a disaster. From profits to sales to orders to guidance, everything tumbled. While investors were hoping for some relief in the wake of the recent rally in prices of metals and oil, Caterpillar confirmed that recoveries in commodities prices don't translate into higher revenue on its end until spending in those industries picks up. In a way, Caterpillar confirmed that a turnaround is still far away.

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But none of the headlines really told you how bad Caterpillar's first quarter was. For instance, do you know that the company's revenues hit near six-year lows, or that its earnings were just a fraction of what it earned just a few years ago? Or which markets and business segments are proving to Caterpillar's weakest links right now? I've captured those answers in five charts to help you make an informed decision on Caterpillar stock. Check the slideshow below to learn more.

Caterpillar's Shocking Q1 Earnings: 5 Charts That Tell You Everything You Need to Know from

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