Buy Opportunity in URI Earnings!

Let’s talk about United Rentals (NYSE:URI).

I've had the CEO on Making Money before, we've interviewed him. The stock just saw a pull back. I don't even know why the stock pulled back that much. I think it's nuts.

I remember when it pulled back a few years ago because everyone was worried about the global economy. They do business in all 50 states. It's a domestic play. And you know this company. You see their gear everywhere you look.

After the bell Wednesday, they beat on the bottom and top lines. In fact, beat by 11 cents. The numbers look absolutely fantastic to me. On the earnings side, their only negative was their pump rental stuff, which we'd expect in this particular atmosphere. EBITDA was a record. Revenue was a record -- they're going to spend $1.2 billion on cap ex, according to company guidance. Free cash flow: $775 million.

I really feel the company is oversold. It's up about 4 bucks after the market, but I think it's going to keep going. I think eventually it'll get back to the 52-week high sometime this year.