Bulls Ignore Shutdown, Toyota Not Feeling Electric Vibe

Wall Street is seeing up arrows Tuesday morning, as the global markets moved cautiously higher despite the first partial U.S. government shutdown in 17 years, reports FBN’s Lauren Simonetti. This comes on the heels of a volatile trading session Monday, which saw the DJIA falling nearly 129 points, cutting into the market’s solid gains for the month of September and for the third quarter.

Toyota’s sticking with gasoline, for now

As automakers Tuesday release September sales data, Toyota (NYSE:TM) this week announces it has no plans to go deep into electric production any time in the near future. Toyota’s Chairman Takeshi Uchiyamada says he doesn’t believe there is much of a market today for electric cars, and won’t be until there are more breakthroughs in battery technology.

Does it feel like your drive-thru burger is taking forever to get?

It’s true, according to a new survey fast food isn’t so fast any more. Reports show that the amount of time consumers spend waiting for their on-the-go meals will be longer and longer. The average wait time has now risen to around three minutes. Fast food giants claim that the new items on their menus are complex and take more time to make.