Buffett on Sokol, Berkshire Shareholder Meeting

In his first televised interview prior to the Berkshire Hathaway annual shareholder meeting, CEO Warren Buffett told FOX Business Network’s Liz Claman he will “answer any question that gets asked,” including those involving executive David Sokol and the insider trading scandal.

"You will not hear no comment. If our lawyer gets up and wrestles me to the ground I will still talk,”‬ said the legendary investor.

Sokol was a top executive at Berkshire and was widely speculated to be Buffet's heir apparent. However, he resigned amid a storm of controversy after revealing he purchased shares of Lubrizol before pitching it as an acquisition target to Buffett.

Buffett said the majority of his many businesses are doing better, with the exception of those related to the housing market.‪“It’s month by month gotten better. Almost everything except the ones connected with residential construction," he said.

"They have not gotten better. In a way that’s good because we have to clean up the inventory of excess housing and the sooner that gets done the better. I think when housing comes back employment will come back faster than people think. Everything I see is that business gets better every month except in residential construction.”‬‪The so-called Oracle of Omaha said he feels "terrific" heading into the highly anticipated shareholder meeting, where roughly 40,000 people are expected.