Britain adds alleged al-Qaida funder from Qatar to terror sanctions list

Associated Press

The British government has banned a Qatari financier it accuses of funding al-Qaida from doing business in the U.K.

The Treasury says Abd al-Rahman bin Umayr al-Nuaymi has been added to a financial sanctions list. The move means British banks are barred from dealing with him and are required to freeze his assets.

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The British move comes 10 months after U.S. authorities added al-Nuayami to a list of "Specially Designated Global Terrorists" and accused him of providing financial support to groups including al-Qaida and Somalia-based al Shabaab. The U.S. Treasury said that for a time he was transferring more than $2 million a month to al-Qaida in Iraq.

The British Treasury notice naming al-Nuaymi was dated Friday. It was reported by the Sunday Telegraph newspaper.