Brewery sues Missouri brewer over trademarks

A Portland-based brewery is suing a Missouri beer maker over trademark infringement.

The Press Herald reports Shipyard Brewing Co. filed a federal lawsuit against Columbia Logboat Brewing Co. on Monday.

Shipyard says Logboat's Shiphead beer infringes on their name as well as their schooner logo and packaging colors. The Maine brewery also contends that Shipyard's line of fruit beers, which include brews like Pumpkinhead and Applehead, could be misconstrued as Shipyard products.

Shipyard is seeking damages from lost profits, money for corrective advertising they bought and an injunction.

Logboat released a statement on Facebook denying the claims.

Brendan Palfreyman, a trademark lawyer from New York, says Shipyard's case may be difficult to argue. Palfreyman adds that lawsuits over beer names are becoming increasingly common.


Information from: Portland Press Herald,