Bouncing-Ball Stocks Beat Falling Knives Any Day

Last week I noted the Nasdaq might be putting in an unusual triple head & shoulders, with support at the 4050 level.

So far that’s worked out, but I’m not cheering yet.  Instead, the market is muddling about, as we wait for a big move.  If that move is above 4150, the bulls are back in control. I’m doing very little until then.

Today, I wanted to look at stocks on the slide, with the key knowing when to jump back in.  You can buy on strength or weakness, but with stocks in a downtrend channel, waiting for a breakout isn’t a bad way to go.

Let’s look at Tesla (NASDAQ:TSLA) first.  The slide has knocked about 25% of the share price, but if it breaks the downtrend, I think it comes roaring back.

Amazon (NASDAQ:AMZN) is in a similar situation.  A solid close north of $300 would be a buy signal.

Back next week to see if we’re in muddle or breakout mode.