BofA: Not Enough Funds, Not a Problem

A register may decline a debit card purchase, but Bank of America (NYSE:BAC) customers may soon be able to go through with it anyway - for a price.

A new program soon to be piloted by the Wall Street bank will allow customers to OK overdraft fees via text message at the register to continue with a purchase that will plunge a checking account into the red.

The program comes a year after complaints forced the bank to stop permitting such transactions. Consumer rights groups had criticized banks for the fees, alleging that customers using a plastic card for purchases may not realize the account is hitting such low depths.

In the latest overdraft program, which will be tested early next year, BofA would immediately text the customer asking consent for the purchase. If the money is replaced in the checking account by the end of the day, though, the $35 fee would not go through.

The program allows customers to overdraft on specific purchases they deem necessary, an ability customers are already able to do at ATMs.