Better Buy: FireEye, Inc. vs. Check Point Software Technologies Ltd.

Both FireEye (NASDAQ: FEYE) and Check Point Software (NASDAQ: CHKP) have struggled a bit this year in terms of their respective stock prices. FireEye shareholders have really taken it on the chin in 2016, as its stock slowly rebounds from a post-second-quarter sell-off. To his credit, CEO Kevin Mandia and the FireEye board aren't sitting idly by while earnings continue to decline.

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Check Point stock is also in the red this year, though its 5% easing is just a blip compared with FireEye's 28% nosedive. On the other hand, Check Point is consistently growing its top and bottom lines, but its 7% year-over-year revenue gain last quarter pales in comparison with FireEye's 19% improvement. The cybersecurity peers are taking different paths to growth, making the question of which is the better stock to buy a relatively easy one to answer.

Image source: FireEye

The case for FireEye

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