Average retail gasoline prices in Texas drop by a dime, settling at $2.89 per gallon

EnergyAssociated Press

Retail gasoline prices across Texas continue to fall below the mark of $3 per gallon.

AAA Texas on Thursday reported the average unleaded price at the pump this week is $2.89, a drop of 10 cents from a week ago. The national average now is $3.08.

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AAA says of the metropolitan areas in Texas, drivers in Dallas-Fort Worth are paying the least at $2.80 while motorists in Corpus Christi pay the most at $2.92.

The drop in gas prices has sent the national average to a low not seen since early 2011 and increased the chances the national price could fall below the $3 mark for the first time since 2010.

AAA officials say low demand combined with abundant supply has kept downward pressure on global oil prices.