Average gas prices in Rhode Island fall another 9 cents to near $3 a gallon

Gasoline prices in Rhode Island have fallen another 9 cents and are on the verge of being at or below $3 a gallon for the first time since 2010.

The latest price survey by AAA Southern New England, released Monday, found the average cost of a gallon of regular self-serve at $3.01.

Local prices have dropped 27 cents in the last month. The current average in Rhode Island is 8 cents more than the national per-gallon average of $2.93.

Rhode Islanders were paying 38 cents more on average, or $3.39 a gallon, a year ago this week.

The AAA survey found a 25-cent range in prices, from a low of $2.91 to a high of $3.16 per gallon.