AT&T-Time Warner ruling sets precedent for Comcast-Disney bidding war: Judge Nap

The AT&T- Time Warner merger ruling could set the precedent for other media deals in the works, Judge Andrew Napolitano said on Monday.

“The decision will very much send a signal as to what to expect from the DOJ in the future,” Napolitano told FOX Business’ Maria Bartiromo on “Mornings with Maria.”

A federal judge is expected to rule on Tuesday on whether the $85 billion merger that was announced in October 2016 will go through.

If the deal is approved, it will trigger a bidding war between Comcast and Disney for Fox assets, Napolitano said.

It was reported in May that Comcast was preparing a $60 billion all-cash bid for 21st Century Fox media assets that Disney already agreed to buy for $52 billion in stock.

Judge Napolitano said the decision may be good for shareholders and consumers.

“The government may very well argue that that will increase prices by diminishing choices for consumers,” he said. “Or it may very well say ‘you guys are so big and efficient that you will lower prices.’”