Atlanta police officer challenges owner of 'no cops' gym to a boxing match

Atlanta police officer Tommy LeFever explained why he challenged Atlanta gym owner Jim Chambers, who banned cops from his facility, to a boxing match.

Since he opened the gym, Chambers has always had a “no cops” or military personnel policy.

“This is a man who refers to police officers as ‘modern day slave catchers,’ he refers to us as ‘the henchmen of the empire’ and an ‘occupying force,’” LeFever told FOX Business’ Liz MacDonald of “Risk & Reward.”

LeFever believes that if Chambers accepts the fight, they will be one step closer to overcoming their differences.

“Being that myself and Mr.Chambers are never going to walk away from a debate seeing eye to eye. I kind of want to prove that it doesn’t matter what he believes and it doesn’t matter what I believe, we can come together, we can punch each other in the face a couple of times and when all is said and done, I can hug the guy,” he said.