Apple TV Needs Angry Birds-like App To Be Successful Gaming Platform

Analysts at Sterne Agee said in a note on Monday that Apple Inc.'s new Apple TV device has the potential to become a player in, and help expand the video-gaming market. Apple's much-anticipated device, unveiled last week with a $149-$199 price tag, streams video content and has gaming capabilities, including the capability for third-party video-game apps to be developed for it through the device's tvOS. While lead analyst Arvind Bhatia said existing mobile game apps will undoubtedly be ported to Apple TV, the Cupertino-based company will need to establish the new device as a unique home-based platform rather than just an extension of existing mobile games. Bhatia said Apple TV's success as a gaming platform will be reliant on its rate of adoption, which would benefit from an Angry Birds like moment--a "killer app."

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