Apple iCloud targeted by new blockchain technology

Apple might be in trouble if the creator of a decentralized personal cloud that uses blockchain technology is correct.

Keda Che, the founder of Universal Labs, created the Ubbey Box, which he describes as a more secure, easy-to-understand product that can be used as a private dropbox or to upload digital files and other pieces of content.

“It provides a different layer of security to the system,” Che told Liz Claman during a FOX Business interview on Friday. “If we used a centralized system like the Apple cloud, we may face some issues like hackers hacking into the Apple system and then stealing everyone’s content. But for this one, it’s decentralized. So it’s impossible for a hacker to hack everyone.”

There are two versions of the Ubbey Box for sale, starting at $200 for one terabyte.

So far, the Hong Kong-based company is focused on selling to individual consumers, not to companies, Che said. He foresees the product eventually competing against such cloud companies as Apple, Google, Cisco, Microsoft and Dropbox.

“First we may kill Dropbox,” he said. “Because you know the technology evolves every year. All the companies, if they don’t adopt this new technology, they may fail later.”

Representatives from Apple and Dropbox did not respond to requests for comment.