Apartment house's gym for high-rent tenants only may be discriminatory, NYC commission says

New York City's Human Rights Commission says an apartment house's policy of letting only high-paying tenants use its gym may be discriminatory.

A notice filed Thursday says there's enough evidence of age discrimination to merit a hearing on the Stonehenge Village complex's gym rule. According to tenant Jean Green Dorsey's complaint, the rent-regulated tenants excluded from the gym are largely over 65, while market-rate tenants aren't.

Green Dorsey said Friday says she's hopeful the landlord will now let rent-stabilized tenants pay to use the gym. They've been barred altogether.

Landlord Stonehenge Partners Inc. hasn't immediately returned a call. Its lawyer declined to comment.

Luxury buildings with separate amenities or doors for affordable apartment residents have spurred debate in the city.

Public Advocate Letitia James and other officials supported Dorsey's complaint.