AP FACT CHECK: Cosmetic companies didn't resume animal tests

Avon, Mary Kay and Estee Lauder say they have not resumed testing on animals, despite the claims of a story shared widely on social media. The companies say they ended testing on animals years ago but that products sold in China continue to undergo testing by that country's government that might include the use of animals.

The story posted by thedogfiles.com cites People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals' move in 2012 to remove the companies from its cruelty-free list after PETA said it discovered the companies had resumed animal testing in order to market their products in China.

When contacted individually about the claim, representatives for Avon, Mary Kay and Estee Lauder said PETA's claim was untrue. Each company said it has not tested on animals for years.

Products sold in China, however, are required to undergo government testing, and that nation's regulators use animals in their review of some products.

PETA said the companies are responsible for animal tests using their products, since the firms are choosing to sell in China.

Mary Kay said in a statement, "We are obliged to follow the law, as we do in every country where we operate."

All three companies say they have worked without outside groups to push alternatives to animal testing.

The original story was posted in 2012, but it has continued to circulate in social media.


This story is part of an ongoing Associated Press effort to fact-check claims in suspected false news stories.