Amtrak Details New Carry-on Baggage Fees Starting Thursday

Amtrak said starting Thursday it will charge fees on excess carry-on baggage and personal items. The passenger train service detailed its new policy on its website, saying passengers can bring two personal items on weighing 25 pounds each, and two carry-on items weighing 50 pounds each, on board its trains for free. Starting Oct. 1, a $20 fee will be charged for each personal item or carry-on item above the quantity and size limits. A maximum of two excess bags will be permitted, Amtrak said. If checked baggage is available, two bags can be checked for free. Besides the weight limits, personal items are limited in size to 14 inches-by-11 inches-by-7 inches, and carry-on bags are limited to 28 inches-by-22 inches-by-14 inches, Amtrak said.

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