Amazon’s Prime Wardrobe – will it mean more retail demise?

More and more shoppers are buying items online, foregoing trips to traditional stores. This trend is resulting in the rapid growth of e-commerce outlets such as Amazon while the brick-and-mortar stores are suffering. Amazon’s Prime Wardrobe service is one of the company’s latest innovations designed to attract more apparel shoppers.

Amazon’s new Prime Wardrobe allows customers to order clothes, have them shipped to their home, try and them on and send back what they don’t want. They are only charged for what they keep.

The project, launched last June in beta, is in the invitation only phase.

While the "Amazon effect" has been blamed for bankruptcies in several retail sectors and even prompted complaints from U.S. President Donald Trump, including comments that the e-commerce behemoth should be regulated.

On one hand, this may attract more clothing shoppers to Amazon, but on the other hand for clothing makers that sell their products on Amazon, it could mean more business.