Ends Sales Of Its 'Fire Phone' Inc. has discontinued sales of its so-called Fire Phone, according to The Verge. The Verge said Amazon has depleted its inventory and has no plans to offer more of the smartphone, which was unveiled to much fanfare last year in June. According to The Verge, the discontinuation of the device does not mean that Amazon may not re-enter the smartphone market at some point. The 3D-enabled Fire Phone, which was offered through AT&T's network exclusively, was Amazon's foray into the smartphone world dominated by the likes of Apple Inc. . However, Amazon's device met with lackluster sales, according to reports. Amazon did not immediately respond to an email requesting comment. Reports of the end of Amazon's smartphone comes as the Seattle online retailer has made a bid to lure buyers by making its tech offerings more attractive priced. It announced a $50 tablet yesterday, half the price of its lower-tier tablet. Shares of Amazon were up 4.1% in late-afternoon trade Wednesday.

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