Amazon Blows Earnings Out of the Water

It was a sea of red on Wall Street today- all three major U.S. indices closing down, but well off session lows.

Today was the biggest earnings day of the quarter- with 54 companies in the S&P reporting. Here are three after the bell highlights:

Starbucks, the global coffee giant beat on both revenue and eps- the stock was trading up as much as as 3% in after hours trade after the company said "we love our stock so much we're repurchasing 50 million shares of it."

Also out: Visa, the credit card company came in 15 cents above analysts' eps estimates and also beat on revenue. The company said that payments volume growth was up over 11% . The company was trading up over 7% in the after hours season.

But the big street surprise was Amazon. The street "had" been expecting a loss of 14 cents. But Amazon pulled a Sharknado and blew that right out of the water, coming in with a "profit" of 19 cents a share. Revenue also came in well above estimates- up 20% in the 2nd quarter- in large part due to strong north american sales, the stock already up 50% year over year. Adding another 14% in after hours trade.

Here is what you need to watch tomorrow: Before the bell American Airlines, Spirit Airlines, and Xerox all report. Also out tomorrow at 10am est are new home sales.

And you never know what will happen in the final hour countdown to the closing bell, every week day at 3pm eastern.