Alternative Investments? You May Need New Shock Absorbers!

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During the tumultuous red and green gyrations of the capital markets this year have your clients anxiously called to ask: “What’s going on with my portfolio?”

What do you do when the usually smooth ride in your luxury automobile becomes as bumpy as Mr. Toad’s Wild Ride in the Happiest Place on Earth? What does the average investor do?

Consider for a moment your car. When the road gets bumpy, it’s the shock absorber that helps keep your tires on the ground so that you, as the driver, can maintain control of the vehicle. That’s what they are designed to do.

It’s time to replace your shock absorbers if….

  1. It takes extra time to break and your car often nosedives when applying the brakes
  2. At high speeds the vibrations can be more intense, and overall control of the vehicle decreases

  This sounds a lot like what is going on in the global capital markets

~Nosedive velocity in price advances and declines~

Over market cycles I have had the experience of owning true alternative investments (ALTs) like real estate LPs, first trust deeds, private equity and debt, managed futures, precious metals, and other multi-strategy assets.

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