A look at New Jersey's tax incentives for business

A look at the details of New Jersey's tax incentives designed to bring businesses to the state or get them to stay:

GROWTH UNDER CHRISTIE: Since 1996, New Jersey has offered $6.3 billion in such corporate tax breaks. This year, the state has committed $1.8 billion in future tax credits. The five biggest years for promising incentives have been those since Republican Gov. Chris Christie took office.

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THE JOBS: Since 2010, companies awarded the tax credits have promised to create 55,000 new jobs, keep 33,000 at risk of relocating and provide 44,000 construction jobs.

THE PRICE PER JOB: Before Christie took office, the annual tax credit per promised job was never more than $29,000. This year, it's $75,000.

WHERE THE CREDITS GO: Jersey City has been the biggest beneficiary, with $1.4 billion awarded to businesses there. The state's largest city, Newark, has been granted about half as much, $647 million. Almost all the $530 million for businesses in Camden has been awarded since 2011. Other places with big credits have included East Rutherford and Atlantic City, both over $300 million.

CHECKING THE PROGRESS: Under the Economic Opportunity Act, New Jersey is due to report in 2018 about how well the incentives have done. The Pew Center on the States has been calling on states to evaluate whether their corporate incentives meet their goals after finding that not all do.