A look at fatal international set accidents that killed 37

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At least 37 people have been killed and many more injured since 2000 in accidents on productions outside the United States run by major studios, as well as regional companies.

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No clearinghouse exists for information on set accidents internationally, but fatal accidents do receive media attention and sometimes involve lawsuits filed in the United States. A look at what is known:


— Construction worker killed in collapse of set for the upcoming "Blade Runner" sequel in Budapest, Hungary

— Two stuntmen who could not swim drown in India while filming movie action sequence


— Two people killed in plane crash while working on a Tom Cruise film in Colombia

— Ten people, including eight French sports stars, killed in Argentine helicopter crash while shooting the reality show "Dropped"

— Two people killed in helicopter crash while working on MTV reality series in Argentina


— Six people killed in explosion on Iranian film shoot

— Security guard killed in Vancouver on set of the television series "Falling Skies"


— Contestant on the French version of "Survivor" dies on first day of filming

— Canadian filmmaker and pilot killed in plane crash during shooting of a docu-series in Kenya


— Two people killed in helicopter crash in Australia while working on documentary produced by National Geographic and James Cameron


— Stuntman killed in Bulgaria while filming "Expendables 2"


— Stuntman killed in China while filming John Woo film.


— Cameraman on "The Dark Knight" killed during shooting in England


— TV reality star Steve Irwin killed by stingray in the waters off Australia while filming


— Diver killed while working on a low-budget horror film in Canada


— Vin Diesel stunt double killed during a stunt gone wrong while filming the movie "XxX" in Prague


— Stuntman killed on the set of "Exit Wounds" in Ontario, Canada

— Stuntman killed in Madrid after falling from a bridge during a shoot for the Spanish film "Canicula"