A growing economy is close to being the end of the world for Democrats: Varney

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Trump's successful growth agenda has given Dems a big problem: Varney

FBN's Stuart Varney says the success of President Trump's growth agenda has presented a major problem for Democrats.

The success of the president's growth agenda has given the Democrats a big problem.

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If the economy is the key to next year's elections, the left is in bad shape. They don't have a growth plan. The president does, and it’s working.

That’s why Nancy Pelosi went way overboard, describing the tax deal as "Armageddon,” "the end of the world.” She said it. Standing next to her, Steny Hoyer, perhaps embarrassed, had to say, "look, I’m not going to say it’s the end of the world.” But they know a growing economy is close to being the end of the world for Democrats!

Then we had Larry Summers, a former treasury secretary. He said 10,000 people would die if the ObamaCare individual mandate is repealed! He assumes that because you are not forced to get insurance, you won't get it and it'll kill you. That’s hysteria. And one would have expected better from a former treasury secretary.

Let’s not forget ABC’s false report about the president committing an impeachable offense. And let’s not forget "The View" and Joy Behar's joyful reaction to that fake news. Don't tell me the Democrats and their pet media don't hold our president in absolute contempt.

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It’s becoming a farce. Over-the-top and factually incorrect statements about tax reform. Scare tactics and lies about impeachment.

They are desperate. They see what's coming down the pike and they are scared. Strong growth, low unemployment, no inflation, cheap gas, energy dominance, less red tape—a sense that America is on the road to prosperity. That’s what Democrats see, and they know its bad news.

So bear that in mind the next time you hear this "end of the world" nonsense. Because nonsense, it is.

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