A farewell to art: NYC's storied Four Seasons restaurant says so long to its massive Picasso

Associated Press

For over half a century, New York City's Four Seasons restaurant has been a place where Picasso meets the power lunch.

But the pairing between one of the artist's biggest paintings and one of New York's most illustrious eateries is due to end Sunday. The unusual artwork — a painted stage curtain — is to be eased off its wall and moved to a museum.

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As the curtain falls on the long residency of "Le Tricorne" (luh TREE'-cohrn), art students have come to sketch and visitors to snap pictures. Reservations have risen for the 1919 painting's final days at the Four Seasons.

"Le Tricorne" has been there since 1959.

The building's owner has said the 19-by-20-foot curtain needs to be removed for repairs to the wall behind it.