7 Podcasts to Improve Your Money Management Skills

Dreaming of financial independence but don’t know where to start? These are some of the best money management podcasts to help you earn more, save more, and live better.

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Finance gurus and money-saving bloggers are a dime a dozen these days. The issue when it comes to seeking out personal finance information isn’t where to find it, but which source to trust.

Whether you’re looking for help creating a budget, advice on getting out of debt, deciding whether to invest passively or aggressively, or even retiring in your 30s, these are some of the best podcasts out there for anyone looking to kick their finances into gear and get on the road to financial independence.

1. The Clark Howard Show

If you’re looking for a solid base in personal finance with a focus on saving money and avoiding scams, Clark Howard is your guy. He’s got a solid following thanks to the interesting and easy-to-understand way he covers important topics like credit freezes, zero fee investing, and asking for a raise. His advice is easily applicable, and he even takes callers if you have a specific question.

2. Smart Passive Income

This is the best podcast out there on generating sources of passive income and online entrepreneurship. Patt Flynn, the show’s host, was laid off during the financial crisis of 2008 and quickly had to find a way to replace his income. His solution? Generating passive income online. Flynn created Smart Passive Income with the idea that he would be a “crash dummy,” testing out different passive income methods and letting listeners know how well they worked. Ten years later, his annual income is in the millions -- we know that because he broadcasts his monthly income reports to his audience.

3. Girlboss

From topics like “This VC Investor Wants to Buy Into Your Big Ideas” to “The Key to Making Your Work Day Way More Efficient,” this woman-centric career and entrepreneurship podcast hosted by fashion mogul Sophia Amoruso is great for anyone looking to up their income. She never hesitates to talk frankly about the mistakes she’s made along the way to becoming a businesswoman worth hundreds of millions, and her guests are equally honest and insightful. Whether you’re looking to make more money at your day job or start your own business, this podcast will guide you through that process.

4. Listen Money Matters

Listen Money Matters is hosted by two charismatic men who aim to make personal finance fun and lively. Their ultimate goal is to help you “free your inner financial badass.” The two are candid about the financial hardships they’ve experienced in the past, which makes them all the more relatable. You’ll find excellent, actionable advice on everything from how to handle your student loans, travel hacking, and saving up for a house.

5. Better Off

Jill Schlesinger, a certified financial planner, hosts this podcast that’s all about “tackling uncomfortable, even controversial, money and investing issues” head on. As a respected financial professional, you can be sure she has the knowledge and expertise to back up her opinions. But she also does a fantastic job of boiling down complex financial topics into jargon-free advice that anyone can understand. You’ll find topics that help you make the most of your money, whether it’s checking in on your retirement plan, early retirement, and paying off your mortgage, or buying a second home.

6. Mad Fientist

“The Importance of F-You Money,” “Perpetual Travel,” and “Buying and Selling Websites” are just some of the unconventional ideas that the Mad Fientist discusses, a show all about achieving financial independence in the modern world. The show is less about accumulating wealth for wealth’s sake and more about learning how to use money as a tool to live a more passionate, independent life. Some of the biggest names in personal finance are featured in each episode.

7. Motley Fool Answers

The Motley Fool Hosts Alison Southwick and Robert Brokamp draw on expertise from various Fool analysts as well as some star guests in order to challenge everything you thought you knew about personal finance. You’ll also get plenty of practical money management tips with a little sprinkling of finance history. If you’re looking to deeply understand the world of personal finance while also kicking your own financial life into gear, this is the podcast for you.