5 Things Suncor Energy's Management Thinks You Should Know

Image source: Suncor Energy.

After a tough quarter mired by wildfires in near Fort McMurray, Alberta, Suncor Energy's (NYSE: SU) management was surprisingly positive on its most recent conference call. Not only were they happy about Suncor's response to the issue, but how the company foresees much better times ahead that not even this most recent disaster will deter it.Here are five quotes from Suncor's most recent earnings report that shine a light on what management is thinking about today and the future.

1. Wildfires will not deter us

The big story around Suncor's most recent quarterly results was the effect of the wildfires and how they forced Suncor and many other oil sands producers to significantly curtail operations. While this had a huge impact on this one quarter, CEO Steven Williams pointed out that Suncor's employees have mostly brought the company's operations back to 100%.

The impressive number there is that cash cost range. With so many fixed costs going into oil sands production, it's encouraging for the coming years if the company can keep its overall costs low for the year after losing so much production.

2. We're more than oil sands

Suncor is pretty much synonymous with oil sands production, but it does have assets in more traditional oil production as well as refining and logistics operations. For the company to be at its best, all of these segments need to be performing well. According to Williams, one of the reasons that this quarter wasn't as bad as it could have been is because these operations did perform well:

3. Big growth catalysts still on pace

Between now and 2019, Suncor expects to increase production by 6% annually between now and 2019. The two largest projects that will lead to that growth are the Fort Hills oil sands production facility and its Hebron offshore oil platform. According to Williams, Fort Hills remains on track despite a hiccup from the wildfires, and Hebron is right on schedule.

At 120,000 barrels per day net to Suncor, these two projects are more than 60% of all production growth between now and 2019, so getting these projects up and running on time and on budget are critical for Suncor's success.

4. Cash flow blip not a huge concern

Like so many oil and gas producers today, Suncor has been in a bit of a cash crunch as of late. The big problem is that development costs for big projects like Fort Hills take years and can't be turned on and off on a dime. According to CFO Alister Cowen, this shouldn't be too much of a long-term problem once Fort Hills and Hebron come on line:

This is one of the advantages of oil sands production. Unlike oil and gas wells that decline and require constant capital to maintain production, an oil sands mine doesn't see production slumps for decades. This cash flow profile of the Fort Hills facility shows the difference between it and other oil sources.

Image source: Suncor Energy investor presentation.

So, once it wraps up spending on Fort Hills, it won't need to spend as much on replacing production dips than other oil companies.

5.Still ready to pounce on new opportunities

Suncor has been one of the more aggressive companies during this downturn in terms of acquiring weaker competitors. In the past year alone, it has spent $9 billion on acquisitions. According to Cowen, though, the recent share issuance to pay for its most recent purchases and shore up the balance sheet sets the company up for potentially more acquisitions in the near future.

Cowen did also clarify that the company isn't aggressively pursuing anything today, but it has the flexibility to make a move if someone else approached Suncor with anirresistibleoffer.

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