5 Reasons The Retirement Crisis Is Getting Worse for Average Americans

How many of you have read this alarming TIME Magazinearticle? Itanalyzes the findings of the latest annual survey by the Employee BenefitResearch Institute, which has tracked U.S. workers’ retirement readiness for 26years. The most recent results are a decidedly mixed bag.To cut to the chase, the good news is that Americans feelmore confident about their readiness to retire than they’ve felt during thedeepest parts of the Great Recession. The bad news, however, unfortunatelyoverwhelms the good: too many Americans think that simply opening a retirementaccount and contributing something to it will get them over the finish line.While Americans aren’t cluelessly counting on Social Security to bail them outdecades from now, they do seem woefully unprepared to meet a specific financialgoal and match their regular savings and investments towards that targetamount. Many of those surveyed indicate that they’re planning to work longer ornever retire. That may seem like a pragmatic concession to reality, but it’salso not a guarantee failsafe. Many people find themselves forced intoretirement by health issues, pressing needs to care for loved ones, or suddenlylosing their job and not easily landing a new or comparable one.I realize the U.S. retirement crisis feels like adoom-and-gloom topic to many folks. That’s one of the many reasons we launched TradeKing Advisors more than a year ago. We recognize that long-terminvesting, while increasingly crucial for retirement, isn’t everybody’sfavorite thing. Our process is ultra-simple but effective: answer our onlinequestionnaire, and we’ll match you with a professionally managed investmentportfolio that aligns with your risk tolerance, time horizon and goals. We’llautomatically rebalance your assets to keep your investments in sync with yourplan – and we’ll do it all for a very affordable cost. What’s not to like? Andso many of you have responded positively, we’re proud and encouraged to knowwe’re doing some small part to tackle this enormous problem, one investor at atime.Be Good,Don MontanaroCEO, TradeKing Groupwww.tradeking.com

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